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These Pokémon are highly prized, as their horns are used to make crafts such as bracelets and necklaces. Normally, people who make these crafts do it with their own Corsolas, but other people hunt them. They are only interested in their horns, cut them off and leave them back in the sea. Despite this, the Corsola have developed a system so that the horns that grow on their backs are easily regenerated when they fall off, break or are cut off.

Some have a very friendly nature while others can be very fearful of people, due to hunters. Their aforementioned beaks are considered jade-like gemstones, which help them defend themselves.

The Corsola’s main predator is the Mareanie, which hunts them for their coral branches. As a defense, the Corsola shed their branches voluntarily, which allows them to escape easily.

Their habitat can be found on reefs, near coasts in rocky areas or on the shores of sparsely inhabited islands. In these sites they build their nests, which are large spheres constructed of a material similar to coral, which is very resistant. Some people even make the foundations of their houses with this material.

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Once you understand how the basics of the game work, know where to move around your city and have relatively strong creatures, move on to the next level and master: Combats and Gyms. You will be able to fight against other teams’ gyms to conquer them, defend your own, go on special raids or face other Trainers from all over the world.

Before we go on to explain how and where you can catch all the Pokémon, we understand that what interests you most is how to catch the so-called Legendary Pokémon. Those Pokémon that have even starred in movies and are always the most spectacular and strongest of their kind and that everyone wants to catch, are not as easy to get in Pokémon Go as the rest of the creatures.

Given the great density of this guide, instead of detailing each and every one of the entries, we want to offer you a list of the queries that you will surely have to ask because sooner or later you will have these doubts. Remember to take a look at the index of the guide to see absolutely all the entries we have about the contents of the game.

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Each generation of Pokémon has had a number of creatures that could only be found in certain regions. These can be specific countries (Tauros in the United States), continents (Mr. Mime in Europe), regions (Corsola in the Tropics) and even ‘halves’ of the planet (Lunatone and Solrock).

If you don’t travel, don’t worry. From Gen 3 onwards they have started to occasionally change locations (Zangoose and Seviper) or directly removed regional exclusivity (Plusle and Minun) or, as mentioned above, temporarily change for special events, such as the 2017 Pokémon Go Travel Challenge.

How to catch Gen 3 Regional Exclusive Pokémon in Pokémon Go. Plusle and Minun were originally part of this list (they are now available worldwide) and Lunatone and Solrock switched regions with Spring Solstice 2019.

*Zangoose and Seviper are natural enemies and never coincide on the same continent. They once started on opposite continents but switched at the end of the 2017 summer event.

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Pokémon GO Incursions will have a special prominence in the Pokémon GO: Johto Tour, the game’s new Pokémon Day event. Mostly because it will be an excellent opportunity to catch certain very rare Pokémon, including a few legendaries, which we are going to tell you about in the following guide.

One of the peculiarities of this temporary event is that the three-star and Mega Evolution Incursions have been eliminated. In their place you will only find one- and five-star Raids, but the Pokémon featured in these battles cannot be overlooked at all if you plan to complete the Pokédex.

The reason for this is because for the first time Corsola will be catchable worldwide, something that has never happened before. Something similar happens with Heracross, although in its case it was temporarily available in another event that took place some time ago, so now you will have a new opportunity to add it to the collection.

Together with them you will be able to face all the legendary Pokémon that debuted in the second generation, that is, the three legendary dogs, Ho-Oh and Lugia. So, we leave you with the list with all the details: