How long does Pokestop approval take?

What things can be poképaradas

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How long it takes for an accepted PokéStop to appear.

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Accepted PokéStops do not appear

Niantic has finally carried out a new strategy that allows users to create PokéStops in their vicinity. The feature, almost equally if not more in demand than player-to-player battles, allows an official request to be made to developers to create PokéStops in Pokémon GO to establish a new gathering spot on the map.

It is a frustration that occurs globally. Many players of Nintendo’s title find that, wherever they live, the game lacks stops or gyms, forcing them to travel to more populated areas or large cities to get the most out of the game… or outright abandon it.

PokéStops easily stand out when playing Pokémon Go because they have an easy to identify shape, rising from the ground like a pole and culminating at the top with a blue square or cube. PokéStops are everywhere and it’s easy to find one every few meters when walking around.

You will especially find many PokéStops in city centers, parks, squares and other crowded places. Usually popular buildings or monuments are also places where there are PokéStops. And if you go too far to the outskirts, such as in wastelands, highways, or remote roads, you will most likely not find too many PokéStops.

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If you are a level 40 Trainer in Pokémon GO, you will find a new option in the settings: NEW POKÉSTOP. This allows you to nominate a location that will be verified by the community. If accepted, it could become a Gym or PokéStop in the game.

The final stage is to enter additional information explaining why your nominated location is important, what trainers can expect to see there, and generally help reviewers decide whether to approve or reject the request. Don’t skimp on this: it’s probably your best chance to convince a reviewer that your application is worthwhile.

The additional information you enter at the end of the process is for reviewers only, and should give them more context to help them decide how to rate your submission: it gets between one and five stars.