How do you get palkia in Pokemon Go?

How to catch Palkia in Pokémon GO?

Through a publication on the Niantic blog , it has been announced that from today Palkia, legendary pokémon of the Diamond and Pearl editions with powers over space-time, is available as a raid boss in Pokémon Go. These raids will be available until February 28.

The team behind the game insists that trainers will need to assemble a team that includes Dragon and Fairy-type Pokémon to take on Palkia before its special attacks finish them off.


Palkia is a legendary water/dragon-type Pokémon introduced in the fourth generation. It is said to control and protect space. It is the counterpart of Dialga, its eternal rival. It is the mascot of Pokémon Pearl. It is part of the dragon trio.

Palkia is a water type, due to the fact that pearls are found in the ocean. It is a large dragon Pokémon created by Arceus that has the power to control space at its mercy and can teleport through it. Its signature attack is Void Cut, which allows it to tear through space.

Palkia is the eternal rival of Dialga and Giratina. They have control over space, time, and antimatter respectively. All three inhabit their respective dimensions, but often collide in fights that distort the entire environment as demonstrated in the tenth movie. Palkia tends to come into conflict many times with Dialga, as she is his main antagonist. If Dialga and Palkia clash at the limit of their dimensions, that is, in the space-time rift and use their powers, a huge cataclysm will be unleashed, distorting space and time and causing the destruction of the universe.


Palkia – counters and weaknesses in Pokémon GoBelow you will find Palkia’s counters and weaknesses in Pokémon Go:Palkia – CP in Pokémon GoThese are the CPs you will encounter Palkia when fighting it and when you go to capture it in Pokémon Go:Thanks to Kryd0s from reddit for his help with the information. Palkia – list of attacks in Pokémon GoPalkia.Palkia.Palkia can learn and use a multitude of fast and charged attacks in Pokémon Go, including:Possible Fast Attacks:Possible Charged Attacks:

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Therefore we must be very attentive so that we do not miss the opportunity to get a legendary when it is activated by Niantic (we recommend you to visit this post with the monthly raid bosses to be informed of which are often available). In the case of raids, to participate in them we need the following:

For example, there are legendary Pokémon that we will be able to capture for our team by completing the field research stamps for 7 consecutive days and getting the final reward package. Or you can also complete one of Professor Willow’s special investigations to be rewarded in the same way.

Below is a list of all the legendary Pokémon that have already been in the game. We will show you their types, the methods by which they have been obtained and also whether or not they have a shiny/variocolor version.