Did Ho Oh create legendary dogs?

Ho-oh shiny

Pokémon has creatures capable of moving continents, controlling the weather, purifying water, creating endless drizzle and so on and so forth. We speak, in this way, of the Legendary Pokémon, which not only have been the great protagonists of the Legend of Pokémon, but also since the second generation (and not counting the remakes of the first) have been the official mascots of the games, see ‘Pokémon Gold’, ‘Pokémon Platinum’, ‘Pokémon X’, ‘Pokémon Sword’, among others.

And under this premise, today we bring you this compilation with all the legendary Pokémon present in the saga, starting from the first generation with the legendary birds to finish with the most recent trio of Galar. Of course, you must keep in mind that the Singular Pokémon will not be included here, which, since the fifth generation, are classified in a different category than the Legendary Pokémon.

We are talking about Articuno, an Ice/Flying type that regulates cold; Zapdos, an Electric/Flying type that controls electrical storms; and Moltres, a Fire/Flying type that controls heat. These Pokémon can be found mainly on Foam Island, the Power Plant and Victory Street in Kanto. However, as a curiosity, Moltres is the Pokémon that has changed its location the most times, being in the remakes of the first generation the Mount Ascuas its home and in the remakes of the 2nd generation the Silver Cave.


Let’s go back in time a bit. Remember Giratina self-exiled in the Distortion World to separate matter from antimatter? Well, an alien virus wandering through space collided with said antimatter. A huge explosion occurred, causing a meteorite to impact planet Earth. Inside was Deoxys.

Victini, for his part, spread good luck and victory all around him, turning any attempt at progress into a resounding success. This was a major boost for humans, who at that time were not as developed and not as experienced in life.

This power is also possessed by Solgaleo, Lunala’s counterpart. Despite representing such opposite concepts, there is (finally!) no violent rivalry between these two beings. In order to protect the region, these two powerful Pokémon created guardian spirits.

From a sample of Mew’s DNA was created Mewtwo, the, for many, most powerful psychic legendary Pokémon. Upon awakening, or ‘being born’, and due to the situation he found himself in, he escaped from his prison and developed an intense hatred for humans and the Pokémon that obeyed them.


Hi, if you defeat a legendary dog (Hentei, Raikou, Suicune) you have the chance to recapture it, like Ho-Oh after defeating the high command, I read that Suicune returns to the burned tower if you defeat it, so do the other two?

I don’t think so, only the ones you say reappear, and it doesn’t pay to weaken them, since they don’t give you many experience points. the best thing is to save before facing Suicune, and alter their status and lower the ps of the other two, and if you can, evil eye.

sometimes they disappear, but after a while they come back (if you haven’t defeated them) if you took away all their HP by mistake, you can go to the league, defeat the champion and when the game starts the defeated legendaries will return to be wild.

The legendary dogs (Entei and Raikou) in Hg or Ss like Latios or Latios that are the pokémon that run away and change their route, they never disappear until you have captured them, so if you defeat them don’t worry that they will appear again but already recovered, and I think that every time you defeat them they change their characteristics like their nature and so on.

Ho-oh type

But before that time comes I feel like talking about some of them that I’ve always liked or caught my attention. I would have started with Hypno’s vices but I’m rewatching Rangu passing Heart Gold and it reminded me of a certain theory about the origin of the Three Legendary Dogs, colloquially known as Entei, Raikou and Suicune, and better known to many of us as the wretches who kept running away and making poor Gold’s life miserable.

I imagine that many will know this theory about the origin of the trio of legendary dogs and their relationship with the two towers that rise imposing in Iris City, specifically with Torre Quemada (In Jotho they are very nostalgic and do not tear down buildings in ruins to raise a new and better one). But before we go into speculation, let’s review the real legend, the one told in the game itself.

The story goes that these three dogs died when the tower, still called the Brass tower, burned down and Ho-Oh resurrected them. These three dogs embodied the elements involved in the fire. The lightning that caused it, Raikou; the fire that destroyed it, Entei; and the rain that extinguished it, Suicune.