Who is the God at the beginning of Genshin Impact?

All the archons of genshin impact

Genshin Impact is revolutionizing the RPG genre thanks to its free-to-play approach that has made it accessible to everyone. In addition, its aesthetics and depth would not make us think that it is a free game.

miHoYo, responsible for the game, have given official clues about where the game will go in a content that will be updated in the future. And that’s where the 7 Nations come into play. Please note that all this could contain spoilers of the plot.

Within the plans of the Asian studio with Genshin Impact, it is planned that seven nations will end up arriving. For now we only have more at our disposal, so this promises to be a game for a long, long time.

Each of the nations is dominated by one of the elemental gods. Now we have Mondstadt and Liyue, represented by the god of wind and rock respectively. And they will serve as a prologue to the game until the 1.1 update is released, which is expected to include a new area and characters.

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Archons are beings with great control over elemental energy and whose life expectancy is much longer than that of mortals. They also have a link to Celestia, although it is currently unknown how that link worked for gods that predate The Seven.

Very little is currently known about the origins of the gods. Barbatos, for example, was an insignificant wind spirit until he met and formed a bond with the nameless bard and, from there, eventually gained enough power through the faith of Clan Gunnhildr to challenge the former ruler of the city of Mondstadt, Decarabian. After his victory, he ascended to godhood, became Archon Anemo after Andrius withdrew from the Archon War, and used his powers to create his current body, Venti. Nothing is known about Morax’s origins; by the time he descended upon Liyue with his people, he was already considered Archon Geo.

In the past, one expectation for the gods was love for humanity, using their god-like powers to guide and protect them; Andrius, who had a low opinion of human society, was seen as an oddity. However, after The Seven were established and their original members passed away, the new archons no longer fulfilled the duty of guiding humanity.

Protector of celestial principles

Between the official MiHoYo forums and various subreddits, the game has a large fanbase that constantly creates memes and speculates about the future of Teyvat, the regions to be discovered, the fate of various characters and the directions in which Genshin Impact the developers may take the game to. While some of these fan theories are completely far-fetched and unrealistic, some of them may turn out to be true in the near future.

The Unknown God is the reason behind Genshin’s (the Traveler) peculiar circumstances. Trapped in Teyvat and separated from his siblings, the Traveler surely has more than one reason to hate the Unknown God with a burning passion. Genshin’s entire main story revolves around fixing the evil deeds of this mysterious being.

Players can play as Kaeya in the early stages of Genshin Impact, and for some fans, he is one of the most revered playable characters in all of Teyvat. Others find him a bit annoying and too weak to use later on. Regardless of your opinion of Kaeya, he’s an interesting character, with a mysterious backstory.

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Something that we find quite curious is that even though Shenhe was originally drawn from data in Genshin Impact, almost all traces of her have been removed from the video game code. However, fans are hopeful that another Liyue character will join the cast.    As the Inazuma expansion progresses, there is a growing suspicion that she will be released in Genshin Impact, at least once this major story arc ends. Here’s what we know about Shenhe so far, including her release date and abilities.

Shenhe release date in Genshin Impact Although first revealed in November 2020, Shenhe does not have a fixed release date in Genshin Impact. Several characters that appeared in the same data mine have been released, including Hu Tao, Rosaria, Kazuha, Kokomi and Sayu.It may be a matter of time until she arrives.  One leaker suggested a release date of patch 2.4 , the same as Itto , so watch for early 2022.Shenhe’s abilities in Genshin Impact Shenhe was originally data mined to be a Cryo character, however, since most references of her disappear in the game code, it is likely that she will either be changed completely or not come at all.