What element works against Cryo?

Element cryo

Archons grant part of their elemental power to mortals in the form of Visions. Similar in appearance to crystal orbs, they allow the bearers to concentrate their mental energy to use the elemental powers of the archons who blessed them. Once this power is given, the bearers are called “Alogenos”.

When affected by Devouring Storm, it will consume the character’s Elemental Energy non-stop. You can free yourself from this state if you eliminate the Electro element in the affected character by means of an Elemental Reaction.

When affected by Condensed Ice, the character’s Endurance Cost increases. You can free yourself from this state if you remove the Cryo element from the affected character by means of an Elemental Reaction.

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Playing with only one character could become quite boring as they have few skills. The strength of Genshin Impact is not to use just one and ignore the others, it is to combine them continuously to make different attack combos and different elemental combos.

The elemental resonance is related to the affinity of your team, that is, how you set up your team. When there are certain combinations of elemental characters in the group, the whole group will receive a bonus. These bonuses are accumulated and applied in the cooperative mode.

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This time we will tell you how to complete the elemental weakness of Genshin Impact.How to complete the elemental weakness of Genshin Impact – Weak ElementsThe first thing to understand about how to complete the elemental weakness of Genshin Impact, is that the elements in the game do not work like the type effectiveness you might expect to see in Pokémon or Persona. Here the elements are classified in a more reactive way where each one has a specific property that reacts in a different way to the other elements, and can also change its form depending on the type of combinations, so the best thing to do is to list each individual element separately to explain how it reacts to all the other elements. Keep in mind, no matter the order in which the two elements come into contact, it will give the same result every time.How to complete the elemental weakness of Genshin Impact – Elemental ChartOn how to complete the elemental weakness of Genshin Impact, below we will leave you with the elemental chart composed of a total of six elements:

What beats electro genshin impact?

Elemental Consonances are a type of bonus that is activated and received by our team when we have 4 characters together, i.e. when the team is complete (and if there are pairs of elements between them). Each member of the team will then receive the effects of their elemental consonance corresponding to their type of power.

This type of consonance and its advantages should be taken into account when specifically seeking to overcome difficult challenges. For example in the Domains entry you will always be recommended a particular type of consonance or elements that you should bring. Try to create teams that match each other and there will be no enemy that will resist you.