How old is Xiao from Genshin Impact?


In this section of our guide we bring you the complete list of all the characters available in Genshin Impact, how you can get each one and their details in depth, so you can get an idea of which are the best characters.ADVERTISING

Table of Contents1. Albedo2. Aloy3. Amber4. Arataki Itto5. Barbara6. Beidou7. Bennett8. Chongyun9. Diluc10. Diona11. Eula12. Fischl13. Ganyu14. Gorou15. Hu Tao16. Jean17. Kaedehara Kazuha18. Kaeya19. Kamisato Ayaka20. Keqing21. Klee22. Kujou Sara23. Lisa24. Mona25. Ningguang26. Noelle27. Qiqi28. Razor29. Rosaria30. Sucrose31. Sangonomiya Kokomi32. Sayu33. Shenhe34. Shogun Raiden35. Tartaglia36. Thoma37. Venti38. Traveler39. Xiangling40. Xiao41. Xingchiu42. Xinyan43. Yae Miko44. Yanfei45. Yoimiya46. Yun Jin47. Zhongli

Xiao Age

Genshin Impact (in Chinese, 原神) is a free-to-play open-world ARPG action game with a Gacha monetization mechanic to get additional items such as special characters and weapons. It is the third video game developed by HoYoverse, following Gun GirlZ and Honkai Impact 3rd. Genshin Impact was officially released worldwide on September 28, 2020 on Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 platforms.

The player’s goal is to create a team with elemental consonance in order to overcome all kinds of quests.[5] As he completes quests, it will be possible to increase the Adventure Rank, which is used to unlock other types of tasks and move up in World Level. Each time you move up in World Level, the enemies the player will encounter will be stronger, and the rewards for defeating them will also be higher.[6] Each character has two abilities, the elemental and the elemental.

Each character has two skills, the elemental and the ultimate. The former can be used at any time, except if the Timeout (ToE) is activated. The ultimate skill has an energy cost, which is obtained by defeating enemies. Each character controls one of the seven elements of Teyvat. These elements can also cause enemies to change their status. For example, Hydro causes “Wet”, or Cryo produces “Cold”. When these two elements combine, it causes the enemy to freeze temporarily, and the player can take advantage of this to attack. Switching characters during battles to create elemental reactions is the main attraction of the game.

How tall xiao genshin impact is

A list of the ages and heights of all the characters in Genshin Impact. Height is based on data, ages are based on lore, comics, in-game dialogue, illustrations and videos, some official information and a lot of guesswork.

MiHoYo has only released limited information on the age and height of all Genshin Impact characters, so this list is mainly guesswork based on lore, cinematics, illustrations, comics, character choice screen, and comparisons of characters to real people.

Note: in the first beta version of Genshin Impact, Kate was the place of the traveler. The test model (which will probably never be released in the game) has a black version named “Kate” and a red version named “Kevin”.


Xiao can only be unlocked through the gacha system with the Invitation to the Mortal World banner, available in the 1.3 update we talked about a few days ago. Xiao has is a 5-star character and is a spear user with the power of Anemo.

His ultimate ability “Scourge of All Evils”, Xiao dons the mask of Yaksha who once terrorized gods and demons. Once he puts on Yaksha’s mask he cannot take it off until he leaves the battlefield, and when he puts it on he receives the following upgrades: