How long do treasure hoarders Respawn?

Sea of Thieves bosses

In our constant travels through the seas of Sea of Thieves we will encounter enemy ships captained by other online players. Some of these ships will be benevolent, but many will try to steal our loot. It is therefore very important, not only to have the ship prepared for any kind of attack, but also to protect the chests.

It is advisable to leave the less important loot in areas more accessible to the enemy and use them as bait. In this way, even if they manage to steal a part of them, if they transport these treasures they will not take the most coveted ones that will be hidden, being able to take advantage of these moments of transit to attack the enemy or flee quickly.

The second problem that we can have with the treasures is that in the open sea we are attacked and pursued by the enemy. In that case the best thing to do is to hide the treasure on a nearby island and remember well where we have deposited the merchandise. When we are out of danger we can return to the island and recover our treasure to continue our journey.

Cloud in the form of a ship sea of thieves

The desert biome is one of the most difficult biomes for a player to survive and thrive in, due to the extreme scarcity of essential resources in the natural environment. There are usually no trees available to make boards even for wooden tools or a workbench. Without even basic wood tools, there is no obvious way to obtain cobblestones, so there is no way to enter even the “stone age.” Without a crafting table, crafting is extremely limited. Even basic survival becomes a real challenge in a desert, and very different approaches are required to make real progress.

If you spawn in a desert biome in a normal game, you probably just need to get somewhere else, fast: check out the Survival section, build an initial shelter, collect materials for travel shelters, and start exploring your way out of the desert. to a more hospitable place. This whole tutorial only really applies if you intend to stay in the desert biome indefinitely.

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One question, I’ve finished the story missions in the role of the liquorist, is it worth doing them again? I know they increase the difficulty, but I don’t know if apart from (I presuppose) experience they give you something else, like reduction of the price of the mix or something like that.

Naturist is fine, but exploiting it. You go to the girl, ask her for a mission to get samples of a legendary animal (especially the alligator, which is the simplest to find and kill) and instead of getting samples you kill it and give the legendary to the merchant. And in 2 minutes you did the job of 20. It gives you to do it 2 times in a row before Harriet gets angry, but in those two times you fill the merchant’s bar from 0 to 100.

#1276 The problem comes when after 10 hours with the roles you realize that, while with one you simply have to spend to fill a bar every hour (In the case of the merchant) or loot enemies to get items (Collector), with others you have to be actively carrying out monotonous tasks (After 10 hours or even earlier), merchant and collector do not require express time (Collector if you want to actively seek collectibles yes but the overall pay is much, much better than the naturalist and liquorist).

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Dear visitors to the Necropolis of the Black Moon, I must announce that during this Christmas season I will be taking a break. The doors of the Necropolis will remain open, ready to welcome all those interested in discovering the knowledge revealed in this arcane and cursed city. However, I will be absent, so there will be no new insane revelations or forgotten knowledge until after January 6th. However, you can still read The Key and the Door, where they don’t close for the holidays.

In Dungeon World there is also the cycle of the seasons, with the eternal dance between Summer and Winter. When the cold reaches its peak and the daylight hours are less, when darkness reigns and the sun awaits, they emerge. From snow and darkness, from the Winter Solstice come the beings who serve and pay obeisance to Father Winter.

Father Winter is worshipped by those who seek to survive the icy cold and who come from the Frozen Lands. He is also worshipped by those who seek to turn the world into an eternal winter or who serve him based on romantic conceptions or out of respect for the cycle of the seasons.