How do you play multiplayer on Genshin Impact?

How to play genshin impact with friends on cell phone

To unlock the cooperative mode, players must have reached adventure rank 16, which takes quite some time to reach in the game. It can take you between 8 and 10 hours to obtain this rank, depending on the pace at which you play.

However, the best part is that it is not incredibly difficult to get the adventurer experience (not the same as character experience) needed to level up to adventurer rank. There is almost no grinding involved.

Just play through the game and complete the main quest line. Maybe find some Statues of the Seven or clear the dungeons of the Abyssal Domain. Open chests, explore or cook, play through the game and you should reach rank 16 before you know it.

However, note before playing that multiplayer mode changes the way group switching works in the game and players cannot swap between 4 different characters when they want to, as in single player.

At what level you can play multiplayer in genshin impact

Co-op mode – is a widely used part of the game due to its ease of use and innovative solutions to challenging domains and bosses. However, many Genshin Impact players make big mistakes that can make playing multiplayer tedious. Here are some tips for new players who want to master the multiplayer mode.

Multiplayer is only available if the player’s Adventure rank is 16 or higher. In cooperative play up to 4 players can travel at the same time, fight Spheres and monsters, search for treasures and enjoy the world of Teivat together. Possibility of cross-play between PC, mobile platforms (iOS and Android) and PS4if players are on the same regional server (America, Europe or Asia). Genshin Impact’s multiplayer mode allows players to fight alongside others. Here’s how to get the most out of Teivat exploration in multiplayer mode.

Communication is everything in tactical team games. Thus, teamwork will facilitate the gameplay of Genshin Impact. While in single-player mode it is easy to coordinate the reactions and strategies of the elements, the same cannot be said for multiplayer mode.

How to play with friends in genshin impact

One of the most fun events of Genshin Impact returns to the game in this 2.4 update. Hunters and Rebels debuted in the title long before Inazuma became a reality, causing divided opinions in the community. It is a nice mini-game that proposes us to play a few games of hide-and-seek with our friends while collecting a few rewards that will help us in our adventure.

The event arrived for the first time in Genshin Impact in patch 1.5 and since then things have not changed much. We are still facing a celebration with very moderate requirements that will not force us to be extremely dedicated players to enjoy it in the two weeks it will be available. Hunters and Rebels will start on Thursday, January 13 at 10:00 and will end next January 27 at 3:59.

To activate the event, we will have to go to Mondstadt and talk to an NPC called Gygax. From this point onwards we will be able to enjoy all the functionalities of Hunters and Rebels. Of course, to get the rewards (which we will see later) we will have to play games in multiplayer mode.

How to play multiplayer in genshin impact ps4

Adventure level 16 is not too difficult to access. Follow the story quests (or Archons quests) until you finish and the game tells you to increase your quest rank to continue. From there, spend time exploring the world, unlocking new waypoints, opening chests and completing side quests (which will appear in your quest log or as blue markers “!” On the map. You can also run errands for the Adventurer’s Guild once you reach Rank 12.