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Genshin Impact: How to get ALL the minerals (iron, crystal, Jade…)Looking for all the minerals in Genshin Impact? Here we tell you how and where to find the materials iron, white iron, crystal, Noctilucous Jade and more. Discover their locations.

Go to guide indexGetting minerals in Genshin Impact is quite important in case you want to use the blacksmith forge to create new weapons. If you do not know how to get hold of these precious materials that are scattered around the world, then in this article of our complete guide we tell you how and where to get all types of minerals easily and quickly.

Table of contents1. How to get iron2. How to get white iron3. How to get crystal4. How to get Noctilucose Jade5. How to get Piece of Magic Crystal6. How to get Stellar Silver7. Trick: Use Ningguang to find ores

Pieces of white iron can also be obtained through adventurer’s guild expeditions. For example in the Mondstadt region, the Whispering Forest expedition grants 2 to 3 pieces of white iron per 4 hours. White iron can also be bought from Shitou’s character in Liyue for 400 blackberries (maximum 10 every 3 days).

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Despite the variety of new materials, this kitchen classic is not only not losing its relevance, but is enjoying a new wave of fans. Amateur cooks and experienced professionals alike prefer it for the confidence it provides when executing a variety of sweet and savory recipes. These utensils are made from iron that is melted at 1,500ºC, a process that generates a piece that is unalterable over time and free of residues of any kind.

To guarantee optimum results, it is important to carry out a good curing process. Curing is a process by which the naturally porous surface of the iron is sealed and a non-stick layer is generated.

3. With a piece of kitchen paper, apply a thin layer of oil that covers the entire piece; it can be any type of cooking oil. If it has a wooden handle, remove it and apply it in that area as well.

6. Now your pan is ready to use. At the end of cooking, wash again with neutral soap and dry very well. It is advisable to wipe the inside with a napkin soaked with a few drops of oil.

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Charcoal is a solid, brittle and porous combustible material with a high carbon content (in the order of 98 %). It is produced by heating wood and plant residues to temperatures ranging from 400 to 700 °C in the absence of air.

Their work was divided into two tasks: felling the wood and transporting it to the charcoal-making area, and assembling the piles and controlling the charring process. The wages were divided equally between these two tasks.

Charcoal is mostly used as fuel, not only for domestic but also for industrial use, especially in developing countries. Charcoal production has a significant environmental impact that needs to be reduced.

Another application of charcoal is the manufacture of gunpowder. Black gunpowder is composed of 75% saltpeter (potassium nitrate), 12% sulfur and 13% charcoal. These ingredients, when burned, produce a gas that tends to occupy a volume 400 times greater than the original mixture, producing a strong pressure on the walls of the container that contains them.

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But for those who are not familiar with this type of frying pans, they may be invaded by a lot of doubts once they get one of them. Perhaps, one of the most frequent is how to use it correctly and what we can cook in this type of frying pans and what not.

One of the main benefits of using a cast iron frying pan is that this type of frying pan reaches a really high temperature, which is maintained while we are using it, unlike other thinner frying pans such as aluminum ones, in which the temperature level varies constantly. Hence, cast iron pans are ideal for those foods that require high temperatures.

Having said that, we can use them to cook meats or to seal them before putting them in the oven or on the grill, achieving a well browned and even surface without burnt pieces. To obtain a better result, we must not forget to preheat the pan over the fire so that it takes the ideal temperature.