Can you buy white iron chunks?

White Iron Spawn

Some other places where you can find white iron chunks include Brightcrown Canyon, Wolvendom and the area in front of the Abyss. For a more detailed guide on the best places to farm white iron chunks, you can watch this video.

When farming ore items, it is recommended to use Claymore characters such as Noelle or Beidou, whose strong attacks can break the ore deposit in one hit. If you don’t have a Claymore character on hand, launching attacks with a sword or characters with polearms can also do the trick.

If you have spare Mora, you can also buy chunks of white iron from the NPC Shitou in Liyue, who runs the Jade Mystery. He sells ten pieces of white iron every three days, for the price of 400 mulberries.

Finally, you can also obtain chunks of white iron by making expeditions through the Adventurer’s Guild. Talk to Katheryne and you will be able to assign characters on expeditions, some of which reward …

White iron ore

White iron pieces are obtained mainly by destroying the ore that is generated in Teyvat. You can extract ore by attacking it.  Characters with claymores can destroy ore much faster than any other weapon in Genshin Impact , so it is best to use one while mining.  Each broken ore can deliver one to three pieces of usable material.

The best method is to find an ore cluster in an area that you know delivers plenty of white iron pieces.  Using a combination of information obtained from Reddit , the Genshin Impact interactive map and our own experience, we have found 14 areas that are very rich in this material.

You may be tired of teleporting and physically mining ore.  Fortunately, there are two other methods to satisfy your need for ore that will probably be much faster and require less involvement.

After reaching quest rank 14, you will unlock expeditions in the adventurer’s guild.  This feature allows you to send characters that are not in your party for 4, 8, 12 or 20 hours.  The longer you send them off, the higher your reward will be.  It is an excellent way to passively farm as much White Iron Piece.

White iron ore genshin

The area around Liyue is also ideal for finding this type of ore. Not far from the city there is a mine called “The Abyss”, it contains many iron deposits, as well as wagons that have a “digging” interaction, which has the ability to drop white iron ore.

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Piece of iron genshin impact

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