How do I put mods into Minecraft?

How to put mods in minecraft android

In Minecraft it is possible to install MODs through several different types of files and apps. However, it is necessary to perform a previous step to install almost any of them, and that is to change the Minecraft storage to external. Keep in mind that this step will reset the game and make you start from scratch, so if you do not want to lose your created worlds, make a backup before.

Before explaining one by one, the first thing you should do is to find and download the MOD in question. To do this you can visit any website dedicated to download Minecraft MODs, such as

For our example we have downloaded an Add-On called Parkour Blocks. When you download it you will find it in the Downloads folder, where we go to unzip it. Click and hold on the file to select it.

Inside there are two folders. If you do not see its complete name you can give to rename each one to see it. One of them has the word Behaviour and another one has the word Resources in the middle of its name. Select one of them and click Copy.

Mods for minecraft pc

Go to guide indexInstalling mods is, as in many PC games, a very interesting point of Minecraft. However, you won’t be able to install them just like that, and in some cases it won’t even be possible to do so. We tell you all about how to install mods in Minecraft.

Remember to make a backup (consult the manual of the platform on which you play to know how to make backups of your applications) before installing any mod for the first time, just in case.

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How to install mods in minecraft 2021

This directory contains all the folders you need to install mods, textures, maps, etc. In the saves folder are your saved games, your worlds, and is the one you should copy for safety.

Minecraft folders on Mac OS are inside the Library folder. To get to these folders, the exact way to find it depends on the operating system and the “style” of each one to move through the Finder. The exact path is:

Before Forge, to install mods you had to do a lot of paranoia, unzip files and modify codes, with the consequent risks of loading the entire game. Not to mention the incompatibilities between mods.

My recommendation is that you read carefully all the information about the mod before installing it, they usually indicate incompatibilities… if not in the info, surely in the comments, or in the forums.

Minecraft mods

Another advantage of TLauncher is that we have a very complete section from where we will not only be able to download mods for minecraft but also textures for minecraft, maps and even ShadersPacks to have an impressive visual change and all this directly from your own Launcher, where we can see the versions that are available and create our own ModPacks.

The first thing we have to do is to go to CREATE and being there we must place a name to our mod pack choose the version of the game and the version of forge and select the Java configuration that we want for that specific version with mods and also to have the skin.

The next thing now is to start looking for the mods that we want in our world of minecraft and go through them to know what they are and just give it to install and waiting a few seconds and we will have the mod ready to go.

When we have our list of mods ready and installed and watch out that you can also install maps, textures and shaders, as I said before, we can enter our world. Clicking on Enter to the Game.