How do you open a master lock without a code?

How to open a bicycle lock

Although its existence in a home is popularly associated with people with high purchasing power, nowadays there are many families of all kinds who choose to keep their most valuable objects or their savings in a safe.

Knowing how to open a safe is essential to make use of it, because if you do not know how to open it quickly and safely it will be impossible to access what we keep inside without the help of a locksmith.

It is perhaps the oldest and simplest security method for safes and you just have to be careful to remember where the key is kept to ensure the safety of the safe and what is inside.

The dial system is one of the most widespread today and consists of entering a key or numerical combination by turning the dial left and right until the combination is complete.

It is an effective and safe opening system, but it is common that with the passage of time the key or combination is forgotten. We may even forget the steps to follow to correctly enter the combination.

How to open a lock with a paper clip

Requires a high degree of management as there must be personnel for the delivery and return of the keys. It is recommended to use models with copy-protected keys to avoid losing security and a master key system to facilitate maintenance.

This system is convenient for those responsible for the facility since each user uses his or her padlock and the center does not manage keys. It is recommended that the center has a padlock available for sale both over the counter and in vending machines so that those users who do not have a padlock can purchase one on the spot.

This type of lock for lockers and lockers solves the disadvantages of the previous models since it does not require key management and at the same time the center has control over the lock by means of a master key. In case of loss of keys, only the cylinder can be replaced easily and economically with an extractor key.

These locking systems for lockers and lockers eliminate the use of the key for the end user. There are two groups of solutions, mechanical and electronic. Both have a key or master key so that the person in charge of the installation can open the locker in case of an incident.

How to open a lock without a key

Most of the classic keys are made of metal (steel, brass or aluminum), and are used to open the lock by inserting it into the lock and turning it. They generally consist of a wide part, more or less round or oval in shape, with or without perforations, which serves as a support to handle it, and of a stem with various notches, grooves or vanes that form a more or less complicated code.

The grooves, both on the shank and, where appropriate, on the paddle, form the first step of the code, since they prevent other keys, with different grooves, from being inserted into the lock. The second code is given by the notches, which lift or move a series of cams of different lengths that, when they coincide, allow the key to turn, releasing the locking mechanism.

The classic antique key consisted of a cylindrical shaped piece, sometimes perforated in the form of a tube, with one or two vanes at the end. The paddle had a code of grooves on the sides, or a code of teeth on the far end of the cylinder, or both. To handle it they had a piece generally in the shape of a ring, circular or oval, of the same material.

How to open a lock without a double bitted key

A master key is the one that allows us to open several locks of the same type, the type of locks that allows us to open depends on how the key has been “mastered” by the locksmith professional.

Usually this type of keys are used in offices and hotels where each room has its own key, but there is also one known as “master” for emergencies. In the world of locksmithing for homes or other types of businesses, this type of keys are not so commonly used.

The locksmith will place the bolts of the lock in two different ways, so that they can be aligned with both his own key and the master key. He will do this on all locks in, for example, a hotel.

In order for the key to rotate and open the door all the bolts must be above what is known as the “cut line” so the key does not have to fit perfectly, just lift the bolts. Each spike of the wrench can have 9 heights to lift them, let’s see an example: