How do you get joker cards in Coin Master?

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Did you thought that nothing could be better than getting golden cards or the rarest ones from Coin Master? Well, get ready because today you are going to meet a card even more powerful than all of them, yes, than all the others, a card that has the power to make you earn the reward you want so much by completing that collection you were waiting for so long.

Also known as Joker Card, it is a special object with yellow borders, red background and the face of a golden Joker in the center, a Joker who is very happy. It receives this name because it is not part of any collection, because, as in other card games, it can be adapted to whatever you need.

When you have a collection that is very difficult to complete and you only need one card, you can use the joker card. It will replace whatever it is that you are missing. Or you may not want it to complete a certain collection, but just to replace that rare card you haven’t found for months, then you can also use the joker card.

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There are times when you run out of spins even though you just wanted to play! Below is a list of all the different ways you can earn spins quickly. Whether you buy them, earn them, or get them from your amazing friends, these are the top 10 ways you can keep spinning and winning.

1. Purchase spins. Spins are always available for purchase in the store, various promotions and sets. You can access them by clicking on any of the icons in the upper left corner of the home and village screens. Then select the items you want and follow the on-screen instructions to complete your purchase.

2. Invite friends. Yes, you can earn free spins by inviting friends who have never downloaded the game before. Just remember that the spins can only be earned by inviting 250 friends to join the game through your link and follow all these steps.

8. Completion of the village. When you finish the village, a box full of rewards will parachute down and give you special prizes. Often, these prizes include spins. When the Obsession with Villages event is active, you will receive more rewards for completing a village.

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The main way to get golden cards in Coin Master is to buy chests, but sometimes it costs! Fortunately, there are tricks to increase your chances of winning gold cards. In this article we list a few tricks ranging from buying chests in a certain order to trading gold cards in special events – find out now!

Coin Master villages are themed, and some of them unlock new card collections. In addition to this, from the second set of cards, there will always be at least one golden card per set. One factor to keep in mind is that, if you advance many villages without completing card collections, it will be difficult to get the missing cards!

One trick is to build only the first star of each element in a village. After that, buy chests until you get a golden card or spend 100 million coins. Then buy the second star of each construction and repeat the process until the village is almost finished.

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Coin Master is a very popular game, which has been well maintained. Many of you may have played it at one time or another. Or maybe you are thinking of giving it a try. If you are thinking of starting to play, we leave you with a series of tricks to take into account.

These tricks will allow you to advance in the best possible way in Coin Master, so that you can take your first steps in a better way. This way you will be able to defeat your rivals in the game and obtain better rewards, because strategy also plays a determining role.

Collectible cards are valuable objects in Coin Master, because they give us good rewards when we find a certain amount of them. These cards are classified into three categories (gold, silver and bronze). The most valuable cards are the most complex to find in the game. Although there are several places where we can find these cards, in order to have access to rewards.

In the betting machines in the game, we can get three figures of a hammer. If we get this, it means that we will be able to attack the village of another player in Coin Master. Before attacking, we must take into account whether that player has a shield or not, because if he uses one, we will earn much less money (just 50,000 coins) and such a shield cannot be avoided. It is therefore in our interest that the enemy does not have a shield.