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Set within the Titanfall universe and with a very characteristic gunplay, Apex Legends is one of the battle royale proposals that has made the most noise. Now, with its second anniversary, the F2P title has updated some data that shed more light on its impact.

Japan is the second largest market for Apex and we know it’s one of the biggest markets for Nintendo Switch. And that’s the reason we decided to put it on Nintendo Switch. But we also know that Nintendo Switch is a global business, not just a Japanese business. I think the team is very dedicated to make sure that the product is the perfect product for a global market.

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According to the website, Apex Legends would rank as the sixth highest grossing PC game in February 2019, and the fourth taking into account consoles. Taking into account these data, it can also be said that Fortnite has surpassed it in revenue during the same period of time because it is above it on all platforms, although from the study they have not offered data in this regard.

At the moment, the fight between Fortnite and Apex Legends is still in full swing: if the Electronic Arts game announced a few weeks ago that it had reached 50 million players, at GDC 2019 Tim Sweeney said that Fortnite had 250 million registered users -five times more- and a record 10.8 million simultaneous players.

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While Respawn had been working on efforts to get a second sequel in the Titanfall series, the success of battle royale modes in video games led them to rework the elements of Titanfall into a Battle Royale genre, keeping their own flavor in that genre.

Stories From The Outlands are cinematics that tell the origin stories of some of the legends, the following list is sorted according to when each story was uploaded to the game’s YouTube channel:

Respawn Entertainment had previously created Titanfall (2014) and its sequel Titanfall 2 (2016) while an independent studio; Electronic Arts supported the release of these titles and, in 2017, acquired Respawn. Both Titanfall games were critically praised and had strong player followings, but failed to achieve appreciable sales metrics.

Prior to launch, McCoy confirmed plans to implement cross-platform play in Apex Legends in the future. While this is planned, cross-buy and progressive purchases are not possible due to hardware limitations. McCoy also stated that eventually they would also like Apex Legends to come to iOS, Android and Nintendo Switch, although this is not currently planned.


A few months ago we already told you about the interview the streamer did for CNN, where he stated that he was earning approximately $500,000 a month just from Twitch, YouTube and sponsorship earnings.

This shows us how influential and important the domain of live game streaming is becoming, especially in online multiplayer games, highlighting genres such as Battle Royale, MOBAs or collectible cards.

Now, just one month since its launch, Apex Legends has managed to gain more than 50 million users, already surpassing PlayerUnknown’s Battleground, and putting in a compromising situation the hitherto unbeatable battle royale of Epic Games.